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How Many Intelligences Does It Take To Change a K-12 Lightbulb?

Posted By: Dick Schutz on October 12, 2005
Cuban credits Gardner with “jolting mainstream thinking…over the past 20 years”: “Many educators, policy makers, and informed parents can now say, without hesitation, and with much confidence that people differ in their abilities to solve problems and make contributions to society in diverse ways.” Did “mainstream thinking” ever hold otherwise?

Cuban talks all around Gardner’s conclusion re the effects of his 20 years work. Bottom-line, it hasn’t affected mainstream practice. Cuban's explanations of “why” are plausible, but they beg the question of “how to.” In other sectors, “reform” is deployed in terms of replicable product/protocols, not in terms of “policy,” which as Cuban recognizes, people wiggle out of. After decades of bootless “reform” ventures, wouldn’t ya think it might be worth changing reform product/protocols, irrespective of the number of “intelligences” that do or don't exist?

Dick Schutz
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 How Many Intelligences Does It Take To Change a K-12 Lightbulb? by Dick Schutz on October 12, 2005
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