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Fixating on "correctness"

Posted By: Jeff McCullers on January 22, 2002
Michael Erickson's comments are well-taken, and I agree completely that children can learn to speak, write, and read in more than one language.

I also agree with his observation that some Americans are "fixated" on single, dominant language learning, although I respectfully disagree that this concern is unique to America.

France is probably at least as concerned as America is about what is and is not part of the French language. Many other counties such as Canada, China, and Ireland put considerable effort and concern into trying to decide if there is an "official" language, and to what degree its exlusivity and/or its usage must be enforced.

What I take from this is that there are powerful emotional, social, economic, political, and sometimes religious aspects to language--all the more reason to spend more time studying and celebrating the phenomonen of language and less time nitpicking about what is taken by some speakers to be "correct" at any given moment.
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