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Such a racist title and racist approach. Tsk tsk.

Posted By: Susan Williams on August 23, 2005
What a bad attitude you seem to have. I feel very badly that our country in general and Caucasians in particular are so horrible, in your mind. You don't suppose you're exaggerating? I'd say you are, bigtime. It's funny that the Hmong have come here -- finding this culture better than the one they left. That fact should fuel your advice for schools, not more America-bashing. Your position is untenable for that reason. A better approach would be to encourage schools to explore the massive oppression and murder that goes on in Asian countries, and has for centuries, in stark contrast to the peace and prosperity, with just a few exceptions that prove the rule, here in the United States.
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 Such a racist title and racist approach. Tsk tsk. by Susan Williams on August 23, 2005
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