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Read a Post for Our Impoverished View of Educational Reform
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Posted By: P.R. West Sr. on August 19, 2005

I thought the piece on the Impoverished View of Ed Reform was good but lacking. It was lacking because many educational pieces analyze and describe problems. The best (sometimes better than seminal pieces) to those us who are practicioners are the articles or research that can point out effective strategies, best practices and alternatives to improve the conditions of those we work with. I'm not sure if it is enough to just say: "Here's the problem and this is how/why I know this is the problem" in the 21st Century without providing viably tested solutions or suggestions. Evidently, presenting problems is enough, as evidenced by being selected for publication in TCR.

Nevertheless, your paper did provide a few quotable tidbits to definitely use in the near future. I will properly credit the source and reference it for others to read. Perhaps a follow-up can be done to review the characteristics of successful schools in high poverty concentrated urban environments that may help shed light and offer suggestions, solutions and best practices to those of us working in urban schools.


Career educator
(Formerly of Chicago Public, Omaha (Ne) Public, Worthington (OH) City, Columbus (OH) Public, Cleveland Municipal Schools and a current staff member at Newark (OH) City Schools.

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