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Posted By: Susan Williams on August 12, 2005
Hi, Craig: Alcoholism and the gay lifestyle are both volitional behavior choices with genetics, temperament, family culture and environment as important influences, and age of onset of the behavior a key predictor of the depth and breadth of the behavior's duration in the individual's life -- SHORTENED life, I might add, for both behavioral lifestyles.

Now, what kind of a person would I be if I stood silent as our nation's teachers taught our kids that alcoholics can't help it, they were just born that way; it's hateful to tell them they can get help and quit doing what they're doing, and it's A-OK to support and encourage them to start experimenting with alcohol and self-identifying as an alcoholic starting before puberty.

It's the old saw: I love alcoholic people and I love gay people, but I don't think of them as alcoholics or gays; I think of them as people who deserve my respect, attention and attempts to help when I can, just like anybody else. I'm just not a person who can look the other way when people keep doing self-destructive, hurtful things -- much less let them continue to teach kids that those things are OK, at the expense of taxpayers like myself.

I hope this helps 'xplain the side of those of us who oppose the GLSEN / gay rights agenda in public schools.
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 A Radical Suggestion by Susan Williams on June 1, 2005
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