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Re: Re: Re: Re: A Radical Suggestion

Posted By: Susan Williams on July 13, 2005
I am strongly convinced that homosexuality is wrong and a volitional behavior that can be changed and controlled, like alcoholism. You are apparently equally convinced that homosexuality is A-OK and a good idea to present to kids as an acceptable state of being, lifestyle choice, or whatever you'd like to call it. So we are diametrically opposed, and only one of us can be right. I say it's me and I hope someday you'll come over to this way of thinking.

The facts are overwhelmingly on my side, but the facts are being concealed from educators and students alike. Maybe that's happened to you. Just look at the archives on this website alone -- do you see anything BUT pro-gay articles? Of course not. Did the national PTA allow the PFOX people to have a booth at their convention? Of course not. When a school district allows a Gay-Straight Alliance club, with a sponsor from the paid school staff, does it also allow a PFOX club or other association dedicated to helping students stay away from being gay? Noooooo. But boy, it should.

The facts about the changeable nature of homosexuality are out in the open, for those with eyes to see. The bias and censorship is all on your side of the aisle. I'm afraid you guys (pro-gay educators) are the ones who are being rude, unfair, oppressive and idiotic by ignoring the evidence for the OTHER point of view, and the sincere and carefully thought-out convictions of millions of Americans -- the same people who foot your paycheck, if you work in or around public education, I might add. :>)

I've already investigated why the pro-gay forces believe the way they do. Have you investigated why WE oppose those views? Try googling Dr. Satinover, NARTH, cwfa.org, and any number of other sources of information on the real deal about GLBT issues that just might -- GASP! -- change your mind about how other people's children ought to be taught, at taxpayer expense, in loco parentis.

As for your Brittney Spears hypothetical example: her behavior appears to be immoral, just like homosexuality, and I would be opposed to that lifestyle being presented to kids as A-OK, too. Straw man arguments are no good in resolving this conflict, you know. Open up your heart and mind, and try to understand -- people like me aren't against YOU -- we are FOR KIDS.

Here's what I'm also for: academics in school, and far, far, far less radical brainwashing, social engineering, and leftist politickin'.

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