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Re: A Radical Suggestion

Posted By: Becky Flores on July 13, 2005
And Susan Williams' confident assertion about "most" people and a "vast majority" is based on a research survey of HOW many????

Here's a radical suggestion: How about we present Britney Spears as a model in our schools for The Heterosexual Relationship, particularly in relation to ideas over the "sanctity" of (heterosexual) marriage. After all, she can slum to a Las Vegas altar and then "opt out" after a few hours. Moreover, her current partner Kevin Federline might be used as a model for (heterosexual) fatherhood -- and, perhaps, fidelity. After all, these two people are both heterosexual, and if we are basing these arguments purely on the righteousness of All Things Hetereosexual and not having that "GLBT lifestyle modeled as acceptable for our children," then this would fit within the moral margins of Williams' argument.
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 A Radical Suggestion by Susan Williams on June 1, 2005
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