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Re: Re: Online Professional Development for Teachers

Posted By: Janet Naher-Snowden on July 12, 2005
Pearl - just type the URL from my previous post into the location box in your browser window. (you do not need to use a search engine to locate this website - I have given you the exact address!) Then hit enter/return on your keyboard to access that website. Once there, click on calendar to the latest schedule of events.

This website is a web-based "moo" environment which allows you to chat in real-time with other users of the site. When you log-in (click on "log-in), a "help desk" person will ask if you need assistance. All "help desk" people are volunteers who support the mission of the Tapped In environment - they can answer your questions and point you to the resources, etc. that you might need.

the website URL:


Good luck,
Jan Naher-Snowden
The Univ. of Akron, Ohio

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 Online Professional Development for Teachers by Leilani Carbonell Pedroni on August 6, 2003
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