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Posted By: Michael Rennick on June 3, 2005

While I am sympathetic to your anger, I feel that it has been mis-directed at one individual: in this case Ms. Susan Williams.

I would like to venture that the TCRecord community attempt a dialogue about a more complex issue than the one raised by Ms. Williams. I would like to have a real debate about how liberal thinkers might actually begin to persuade those on the far right about the value of liberal thought.

Ms. Williams is flat-out wrong. But, it is clear that she will not be convinced by any opposing arguments, and this is due to the fact that her thinking seems hopelessly fundamentalist.

As educators it is extremely important that we begin to ponder how we can communicate with those who have adopted a fundamentalist position. If we do not learn how to engage this group we can expect not only more opinions in line with those espoused by Ms. Williams, but we can also expect more attacks like those that happened on Sept. 11th. At the end of the day, both types of problems would be solvable if we could only learn how to effectively engage with individuals and groups who hold intractable beliefs.
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 A Radical Suggestion by Susan Williams on June 1, 2005
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