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Re: Qualitative research as interpretation rather than analysis

Posted By: Paul Neira on April 5, 2005
Hi Tom:

I would like to understand what is the difference between analyze and interpret? It is a llittle foggy boundary between them. At the end How can we disagregate two processes from the same activity? Research.

Due to my undergraduate background (Education) I have passed to much time looking the reality through the qualitative focus. Day after day, I saw the reality of my classroom and those four walls compacted my ideas. Everything was explained by what I perceived or not, so like my others colleages. But, when I passed my master in sociology, I already began to understand that there is other threads that pulls what was already happend in my microcosmos. Nowadays, Im working in a Think Tank related to create public policy in education. This kind of work allow me to view the importance of quantitative research. But, what I see is despite of the efforts of this two postures what whe know for sure about the reality of the school and all its variables y so rich that they need each other, to collaborate. Paul.

P.D. By the way Im peruvian working in Lima an looking for a postgraduate study abroad. Can I get contact with you (pneira@grade.org.pe)
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