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Virtual News

Posted By: Dick Schutz on March 22, 2005
You put your finger on another issue that should be of high concern. Having thought about it at night when I lost count of sheep, here's may take. Pre-internet, it was reasonable to trust "authority" for insformation. On the Internet, we could all be dogs. The Bush administration has simplly pushed the matter along into real life. It's jarring (to put it mildly), but it's now. And the future is going to become even more complicated.

Implications: Think or be rolled. Implications for instruction: Lends a whole nother meaning to "reading comprehension." Those multiple choice questions of "main idea" "vocabulary" and so on are not a drop in the bucket of the phenomenon at issue.

Dick Schutz
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 Virtual News by Dick Schutz on March 22, 2005
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