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Read a Post for When Are Racial Disparities in Education the Result of Racial Discrimination? A Social Science Perspective
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Rephrasing the question still begs the matter at issue

Posted By: Dick Schutz on March 9, 2005
Eliminating what goes into the making of complex negative constructs like sin, evil, and discrimination is a matter that science is not very good at. While the quest to do so goes on, all kinds of operational mischief continue to go on also. Phrasing the question differently may lead to more articles, but it begs the question. “What to do to change the situation—for individuals that make up the aggregate?”

OK. I know that the Mickelson is explicit that this is NOT what the paper is about, and that she’s in the mainstream of her discipline in this regard. I grew up in a different discipline—Psychology—and psychologists have been known to discriminate against sociologists (Not me, of course, but I know psychologists who do). Nevertheless, d’ya think that Occam’s Razor may have some applicability here? Or should I phrase the question differently?

Dick Schutz
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 Rephrasing the question still begs the matter at issue by Dick Schutz on March 9, 2005
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