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Read a Post for High School Reform, Really?
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Computer-generated Ed Reform Planning

Posted By: Dick Schutz on March 1, 2005
You hit the nail squarely, Gary. Out of one side of their mouths the WiseOnes insist that only "evidence" from "randomized experiment with control group" is a basis for action. Out of the other side, they generate these formulaic, half-baked "reforms" that function 10 feet off the ground. Ample replicated evidence has accrued over the last 15 years, demonstrating that this only "throws money at the problem"--exactly what the business community decries.

Ya wanna "fix" high schools? Easy. Look at the "pattern" of courses each kid is taking. Aggregate the kids in the "usual suspect" ways. Define what's going on in a course by the text materials used. You will quickly get the picture, and it's not at all pretty. But you've got the breadboard info you need to modify and monitor the "kludge." Standard Technical Development Methodology. Standard business orientation in every area other than education.

There are other ways to address the rhetorically defined problem, but you get the drift.

A computer could easily be programmed to generate the "Ed Summit Findings." People trust what comes out of a Computer. Or one could just sit down and draft a Universal Ed Summit Report on a yellow scratch pad. The "findings" of the three variations would be indistinguishable.

Dick Schutz
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 Computer-generated Ed Reform Planning by Dick Schutz on March 1, 2005
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