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ICT and the changes of teachers' life...

Posted By: Chung Paul on December 25, 2001
I am really interested in this subject.
I awarded M.A degree in Seul National Univ. in R.O.K. this year, majoring in educational administration.

I wrote a dissertation on ICT(Information-communication technology) and the changes of teachers' life.

I summerized my dissertation and submitted it to KSSEA(the Korean Society for Studies of Educational Administration). And to my happiness the abridged version of my dissertation will be reported in KSSEA's quarterly journal.

¡ÚThis is the abstract of my dissertation.
This study is to describe changes of teachers' life in a school where echnology is applied. Participant observation,
interviews with teachers and students, and literature review were the primary sources for this study.
The teachers' life is divided into the inner classroom life and those outside classroom one. The life of inner classroom are composed of three aspects, which are class
environments, instruction, and class management.

First, technology brings changes in terms of physical environments including class arrangement and use of equipments. Second, the teachers state the bright and the dark sides of technology related with instruction; Technology is useful as an effective instructional instrument, a time saver in planning lesson, a solution of physical fatigue, and an effective ornament of instruction.
On the other hand, teachers are concerned that technology may cause deterioration of professionalism, formalization of instruction, loss of students sincerity, and reluctance of producing materials. Third, technology brings changes in class management strategies, one of which is to use students as supporters in their computerized classroom.
This strategy meets both students' needs to show off their computer skills and teachers' needs to limit students' use of computer in the classroom.

The teachers' life of outside classroom are explained in terms of teachers' social relationship, task of school informatization, and sharing through networking. First,
teachers regard the principal as a supervisor on the one hand, as an alien on the other hand. Teachers perceive that those who are expert in a computer and generally young
are overburden. Second, there is an informal and hidden leader who figures out computer problems even though there is an appointed formal leader. Third, sharing of nformation and materials through the networking rarely happens contrary to expectation. This seems to be caused by context dependence of instruction and teacher culture
where sharing is regarded as being haughty.

This study shows that school informatization causes a lot of confusions in the process of policy implementation. The reasons are analyzed in terms of three factorss: class, school organization, and time. these confusions are caused by the teachers selective acceptance and transformative appliance for radical change of school informatization. In addition, characteristics of loosely coupled school organization can be another factor that retards changes of school. Lastly, chaos of the school is attributed to
culture lag rather than deficiency of school informatization. In other words, the changes are too fast for teachers to adapt.
¡Ú¡ÚPaul, Chung(2001). ICT and Changes of teachers' life. Unpublished dissertation. Seoul National Univ.

¡Ú¡Ú¡Úcan it be helpful or useful for this topic? I hope so!!! and if you are interested in my dissertation or have an advice and so on, please give a E-mail to me about that. I'll really appreciate it... thank you for your kindness and patience(^^).

¢¾¢¾My E-mail adress is paul53@dreamwiz.com
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