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Holding Accountability Accountable

Posted By: Helen Maguire on October 29, 2004
While I agree with the wonderful rich experiences Susan Ohanian describes in her critique, I find it an interesting implicit assumption that we can't connect with students and teach them a rigorous curriculum. Academic education isn't just for the college prep student. We truly short change students by assuming that if they don't go to college they don't need to be educated. I would ask if she has seen the tests that future tradesmen have to take in order to be a journeyman? Try checking out the information for electricians by electricians on the web site:
or some of the other trades.

Education helps us to understand how the world works!!!
Everyone needs that. Even chefs can improve their skill if they understand the chemistry and physics behind the cooking.

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 Holding Accountability Accountable by Helen Maguire on October 29, 2004
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