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Posted By: Cindy Running on December 7, 2001
I use projects extensively in my classroom. As a teacher, if I understand clearly what I want students to learn through the project, I can create a carefully designed project to meet those objectives. I don't really think that what I "teach" should be the most important consideration, but what students "learn". Setting clear parameters and outcomes for students helps me to keep students on task and learning. It also allows me to differentiate lessons easily. Students of all levels can be challenged appropriately.

One must be tolerant of lots of movement, noise and messiness in the classroom. This type of work is noisy by nature.

Another point to consider is reducing the expectation for extensive parental involvement. It is not fair to expect parents to spend great amounts of time tending to the project. I believe most of the work should be done at school.
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 Project based learning by Mary Reardon on November 12, 2001
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