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Eliminating the Blank Stare

Posted By: Martha Murphy on October 7, 2004
This is indeed an interesting article on a most-interesting topic.

My comment on the current article is about the definition of "disadvantaged." I believe many children of middle and upper class families also exhibit the blank stare. A great many children at all income levels grow up with little dinner table conversation and little practice in problem-solving. Children who grow up in authoritarian environments or in inadequate childcare are apt to present that face. Many children spend almost all their waking hours in adult-organized and adult-monitored activities where they must behave by the rules.

How many parents and teachers are genuinely curious about what their kids think or take genuine delight in their unique personalities, insights, and creativity? How important is it to adults that children "fit in" or meet externally-determined standards of success?
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 Eliminating the Blank Stare by Martha Murphy on October 7, 2004
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