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Read a Post for Hope, Anguish, and the Problem of Our Time: An Essay on Publication of The Black-White Test Score Gap
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Inability to Answer the Persistent Problem of Gap in Black and White Test Scores

Posted By: joan wilson on February 17, 2004
Some of the relationships between variables that are likely to yield fruitful understanding of the problem are constantly being forced into the closet by dismissive dominant culture theorizing and misassessment because their presentations and presentors do not immediately meet the rigors of "the method." Efficient statistics generating and fulfilling prophecies of air-tight socio-politicaly correct paradigms have resulted in funding, refunding, testing and band-aiding for at least 40 years as the gap continues and widens. Rather than scurrying now to globalize the expertise which has yet to resolve national urban educaation issues, maybe the keepers of the academic doors in the pursuit of objectivity in diversity should first do socio-metric studies of the actors in circles and lines of control of access to socially impacting streams of thought. A sociology of knowledge pursuit of the ways in which lines of thought reflect social lines that are reflected in oligaarchy grown middle-range educational theories. Then one might see how these are applied in developing the policies,generating the experimental programs that lead to dead ends. Further we might then see how and by whom these are administered, enforced and rationalized by testing in school systems.
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 Inability to Answer the Persistent Problem of Gap in Black and White Test Scores by joan wilson on February 17, 2004
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