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More important findings than the

Posted By: Dick Schutz on February 5, 2004
Although the title is a “grabber,” it is misdirected and underplays the import of what the authors are about. Something on the order of “How to improve the instruction of individuals through group activities” would have been more apt. The “group” of authors have generated extremely helpful “knowledge” on how to do this. But framing that “how to” in a context of the academic conventions of hypotheses, statistical tests thereof, blah, blah,blah, obscures rather than illuminates the importance of what they are on to.

The findings are important because much precious instructional time is allocated to group activity, and few, if any, teachers are using the sort of protocols the authors have prototyped. Further there are no instructional materials for the teachers to enable them to do so. Further, further, the authors are on to a much better way to instruct classrooms of diverse kids than is happening with current “language” and “ability” grouping practices. That's about as important as it gets in the ed research business.

I hope the authors, and “the field” will pursue activity directed to how to implement their findings quickly in classrooms. “More research” of the usual sort is not needed to do this and will not get the job done.

Dick Schutz
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 More important findings than the by Dick Schutz on February 5, 2004
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