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Daniel Cain's study

Posted By: Maria Cardelle-Elawar on October 19, 2003
I want to commend Daniel Cain for conducting this insightful study. The findings proved how enriching collaborative teams can be –through dynamic dialogue- for developing understanding of the grading system in high school classrooms.

I agreed with the author that grading has everything to do with how the school culture interprets student’s performance based on standards. Cain looks at grading practices with a comprehensive picture of what can be a complex subject. His study is a valuable resource to depend our understanding of the most difficult challenges that teachers face as they deal with the processes of assessment and evaluation.

Cain’s findings direct us toward a more just and equitable grading system. He provides practical applications by suggesting how to build collaborative communities and how the identity of each working team should be defined by its purpose and priorities. The author’s conclusion is a valuable lesson to learn that teamwork could transform “what is completely private-grading- into a “problem solving opportunity” and therefore create a more fair culture in evaluating students’ outcomes and teacher effectiveness. The lesson of this study can be beneficial to teachers, policy makers, and researchers. I definitely will use this piece of research in my graduate classes.
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 Daniel Cain's study by Maria Cardelle-Elawar on October 19, 2003
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