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Early Preparation From Home

Posted By: Lynda Cray on April 2, 2004
I am not sure why this author seeks to promote a victim image over male students who are low performing and call them "threatening and potential problem students". Who are these students threatening to and what are their potential problems?

What about the culture in the home where the men leave all aspects of running the home to the women and girls in the family? When the girls are raised with 'an expectation of working hard' and the boys are raised with an expectation of 'being served', then aren't we actually viewing an inverse in the two cultures present? The partiarchal culture which made the system and the matriarchal culture which prepares the children to go through the system.

In light of the inverse relationship of the two cultures, does one culture have to be wrong....or can we agree that in order to be successful in a system which rewards a work ethic requires that the participants come prepared to work? My little brother, who has returned home from four years in the Army, can continue to be content living in a culture which caters to his whines and supports his living at home with his parents. I, on the other hand, prefer to be rewarded for my efforts.

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 Early Preparation From Home by Lynda Cray on April 2, 2004
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