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Reconciling "Constructivist" and "Platonist" Orientations

Posted By: Dick Schutz on June 16, 2004
Catherine Scott posits that these two orientations are in opposition. The philosopher Josiah Royce defined education thus: "Education is learning to use the tools [he said "the Race", today we'd say] Humanity has found indispensable." (I remember the definition because it was engraved over the stage of Royce Hall at UCLA. Royce Hall is still there, but it's been remodeled and I don't whether the inscription remains.)

Seems to me both orientations ought to be able to live with Royce's definition, feet on the ground--rather than in mid-air. Specify what the important tools are and teach them.

Dick Schutz
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 Reconciling "Constructivist" and "Platonist" Orientations by Dick Schutz on June 16, 2004
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