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National Teacher Certification Hoax?

Posted By: joan wilson on February 11, 2004
The biggest hoax is that there is a refusal of society and its political representatives to face the facts that the investments in training and testing of teachers, however excellent or questionable the levels, is part of a grand national denial of the real obstacle to students learning in American schools.

Teachers cannot talk about 'it' for fear of peer-professional pressures. Teachers socialy-silenced on the real issue simply keep studying in constant hope of finding a better school or becoming counselors, administrators or two-year college professors. However, to the dismay of many who think these perfect will be the niches, the reality of 'its' pervasive presence greets tham.

Administrators dare not touch 'it' as (tongues in cheeks) they have bought into or must sell the delusion that more application of "cutting-edge" instructional strategies interwoven with technology will drown if not remove 'it.' Highly funded tunnel visioned ivory tower suburb protected un or under exposed theorists circumlocute educational and social policies all around 'it.' It is politically a hot potato that if touched might cost Boards of Education, state and national leaders their votes.
What is 'it'?

Troubled parents and citizens refuse to face 'it.' They whisper or wink knowingly about 'it' because in their inefficiently repressed subconscious they have misinterpreted or projected its real source to integration and the 'r' word is taboo. They have missed the historic

It is the fact that learning occurs not only through well-informed articulated and efficient pedagogy but where there are students desirous enough to learn and disciplined enough to participate in positive learning-goal directed interactions with their peers and teachers.

One might even give leeway that some degree of horsing around could be considered among the inalienable and historic rights of children. However, the major obstacle to learning in this great incomplete democratic experiment is disruptive undisciplined behavior supported by the incomplete exegeses of trees-blinded social philosophers and defenders of all freedoms without communal responsibilities.

Too many young people come to schools and enter colleges armed with weapons that include: media dramatized images of the inept and uninformed weak-kneed untrustworthy adults; a knowledge of every right especially the freedom of speech -'to curse out' anyone at anytime in any place; the right, at whim or if interrupted, to disrupt social life and the communal air and ear spaces with colorful expletives and noisy vibrations; an awareness of strong parental tendencies to youth justifying and other adult blaming intervention as they role-play unrestrained others-demolishing self-assertiveness in the push for upward social mobility of the family's next generation at whatever and whosoever cost.

The interpreters of the freedoms ought to be enlightened to understand that one or two pretendedly incorrigible socially unrestrained learners do not have the right to divest others of their right to learn without fear in a classroom under the guidance of a respected and respectful teacher. Further, these misguided interpreters of the law ought to discover that once upon a not-all-bad time, there were consequences for behavior, even for adults in society. Also they should be reminded that there are humane socially reasonable decisions that can induce social changes at points along the arch of the pendulum other than at the two extremes of its swing.

In order to produce infromed critically thinking citizens of tomorrow and for optimum learning by students, more is required than well educated, pedagogically sound and committed teachers; a commitment of most of the students; up-to-the-minute technology and a wealth of learning and instructional resources. Comparative studies will demonstrate that where there is a learning atmosphere of respect and caring a wealth of learning takes place and at the elementary and secondary levels fantastic minds have been developed with limited resources and with committed teachers who have not been given the gold seal of national or other academic oligarchy-protective over-hyped certification. A missing key ingredient is students committed to self-control and to reciprocate respect.

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 National Teacher Certification Hoax? by joan wilson on February 11, 2004
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