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Read a Post for Young Children Continue to Reinvent Arithmetic, 2nd Grade: Implications of Piaget's Theory
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The Emporer's new math.

Posted By: Arthur Hu on February 7, 2004
2nd graders can memorize the most stupendous stuff, but they can't think worth beans. I'd rather have my 2nd graders memorize addition to 20, borrow and carry then
think their way collaboratively to 2 + 2 = 5. Piaget is
crap. The emporer's new math my foot. No wonder my 6th
grade Connected Math spends 100 pages on arithmetic in
decimals and fractions without ANY instruction in + -
* or division. Who will save us from this crap???
Arthur Hu - Lake Washington School district where I'm the only parent who has noticed there is no arithmetic in mathematics any more.

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