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Posted By: Deborah Harrell on September 17, 2003
Thanks for supporting this student of Education for caring enough to write one of the most basic non-biased treatment style articles I have read on the TC Record. There needs to be laughter in order to learn. Teachers also need to laugh at our successes, breaks and increase our understanding of all generations to further gain greater success. We do not learn from our mistakes, we learn from our successes. A direct quote from a great Chicago area teacher. Keeping up with our Professional Development is a must. I advocate a National Teacher's convention in Las Vegas, Nevada so that all English, Social Studies and Science Teachers with the Art Departments can learn the latest educational pedagogies and gaming influences on the student's we teach. I have had students who are Spatial, Musical, Visual and in the Multiple Intelligences theories who's parents are on Riverboats all weekend. The Multiple Intelligences & Mind Mapping do work! We need to stay together with new innovative ideas and writing styles. Our students will fail without this support.

Dr. Deborah B. A. Harrell
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 Too Simplistic by Helen Brock on September 17, 2003
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