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Teacher Staff Development for Standardized Test Prep

Posted By: Nicole Marshall on July 31, 2001
Are the standardized tests aligned to your state curriculum standards or are they norm-referenced exams? If they are tied to the state standards, it is critical that you move from a test prep perspective to a teaching standards one. Additionally, you may want to use some of the professional development time for data driven instruction techniques....ie use performance data from practice exams given throughtout the year to inform instructional practice. This allows the classroom time used for giving practice tests to work "double-duty"..test format familiarization for students, and data generation for teachers. James Popham has some interesting ideas about how to do this. Check out these resources: http://www.csteep.bc.edu/CSTEEP/Relatedweb.html
Best of Luck,
Nicole Marshall
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 Teacher Staff Development for Standardized Test Preparation by S Reeves on July 8, 2001
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