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Bozo the Clown

Posted By: Ranae Beyerlein on April 8, 2003
One of my favorite parts of the "Milky the Clown Show" shown here in the Midwest on TV in the 50's was when the children got to stick their hands into the penny jar and keep as many pennies as they could hold. When do public educators get to stick our hands into the penny jar? Another favorite part was when the boys and girls got to wander among prizes and pick one. Where's our prize?

While your poignant decription of the Bozo syndrome brought back fond memories of my youth, to my dismay it also parlayed the realities of our present educational system. I hold a master's degree in Biology and am currently in a doctoral program in educational leadership. When I share this with people (other than my mentors in ed leadership), they are inevitably disappointed, as if I'm "wasting my potential." Instead of acting as a deterrent, this only solidifies my calling to the field.

As a scientist, I have mixed feelings about your course change agenda, but as an educator, I empathize with your distaste for the bozo syndrome. It is about the politics of economics. Your MBA program must have taught you that.
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 Bozo the Clown by Ranae Beyerlein on April 8, 2003
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