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First Mod 1

Posted By: Dick Schutz on January 22, 2003
I'm with you on all your points except the last two. By the time we get to Mod 2 I'm confident we'll have a lot more changes to make in addition to those you suggest, but Mod 1 is far from operationalized at present.

With respect to teaching reading, it really isn't a question of either age or gender. A child who has the prequisites is ready. The prerequisites for 3RsPlus' "Beginning Reading Instruction, Course 1" (which walks the walk the article talks) is that a child speak in complete sentences and rspond appropiately to communication in everyday language. With kids that have this prerequisite, the instruction is effective and enjoyable for all concerned (If it isn't, you'll know within the first 10 or 15 minutes, and you can turn it off). Most 4-year-olds and many 3's, boys and girls, can handle the instruction without difficulty. But it really isn't a question of either age or gender. In short instructional effectiveness in reading depends on how you go about it. While it's possible to make beginning reading instruction frustrating and disappointing, that's far from inevitable.

Incidentally, its easier to teach a preschooler to learn to read, really read, with BRI than it is to teach the child "phonemic awareness" (all oral and begs any contact with text) which is what the academy/government is currently touting. That's a bit beside the point but it illustrates what the age/grade matrix logic makes happen big time.

Re your last point. While "the incorporation of evolving curriculum priorities based on the evolution of civilization and technology" has a noble ring to it, I was trying to convey something much more mundane and straightforward. If you look at any K-12 textbook, particularly at the novice level, you'll find a lot of matter that was introduced to satisfy some adult interest to provide intended "motivation" or whatever. It's akin to poorly edited text in any communication--irrelevant. At best, this matter is a waste of instructional time ( not an infinite commodity). At worst it detracts and confuses the child in attaining certificated accomplishment. All I was trying to say is, "Get rid of all that stuff!"

It's nice that you're already anticipating Mod 2. You're even more optimistic than I am!

Dick Schutz
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 Some suggestions for fine-tuning/Mod 2? by Virginia Stead on January 22, 2003
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