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The professor in a distance ed classroom

Posted By: Katherine Hanson on July 10, 2001
I'd be interested in discussing this further. We are currently conducting research on the impact of online learning on teachers in middle school math and science. Our NSF grant focuses on a distance ed course we developed called Engaging Middle School Girls in Math and Science. We're looking at the interactions on line and then are using surveys, interviews and site visits to determine if and how gender equity can be taught on line. We're particularly interested in the gender, race, ethnicity dimensions that impact the design of courses, the facilitation of a course, and the participants involvement. This might be similar in that we're looking at the role of the facilitator (teacher) in this. Also, we're looking at the "learning style" of software designers, course developers, facilitators, and participants since we wonder about how this impacts the design, participation, engagement and learning on-line. For example, do any of these create a new environment taht works for a certain group of learners and not others? Or can we learn more about this and create more inclusive cyberclassrooms? We're applying some of what we know about effective and equitable teaching face to face as well as what the research says about online environments and trying to tease all this out. Has anyone else been looking at these kinds of dynamics and the role they play in effective online teaching and learning? Would love to hear from you.

Katherine Hanson, Director
Gender and Diversities Institute at EDC
55 Chapel St.
Newton, Ma 02458
617-969-7100 ext. 2357
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 The professor in a distance ed classroom by wanda hut on July 3, 2001
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