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After schools programmes

Posted By: Tony Gallagher on July 10, 2001
This may not be what you are looking for, but there is a wealth of published information on these type of programmes.
A report has just been issued by the Department of Education in England and you can find a summary if you go to the research section of their website (www.dfes.gov.uk).
The OECD has published a number of reports on aspecst of education and social inclusion which will include some material on these types of activities (www.oecd.org).

I think the US Department of Education has pubished one or two reports on this as well - try searching their website (www.ed.gov) as the full-text of these reports are available on the web.

Tony Gallagher
Queen's University Belfast
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 After-school programs and urban youth by t. c. on July 8, 2001
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