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thoughts colored by biases

Posted By: coskun alptekin on October 9, 2002

I strongly protest your narrowly constructed argument that is full of contradictions in itself and devoid of scholarly stance. Have you ever realized that what position you embraced and advocated about multiculturalism at a time human beings in need of staying away from the political manipulations of a few is likely to widen the gap between the western culture and and the eastern culture? You indirectly suggest that people of Islamic culture shouldn't be tolarated and whatever actions the bush administration have taken and will take against the Islamic world is approvable and justifiable. Insert into your mind the fact that Muslims all over the world have developed a strong hatred against the US because of evil and simple-minded people's politics. You cannot generalize a few people's action to the society and culture they belong to. Like bush, you want americans to develop hostile attitudes toward both Muslims and others whose cultural backgrounds are different from that of americans.
It is time for the US to change its foreign policy that is solely based on imperialism carried out for the sake of the benefits her citizens but at the expense of underdeveloped nations' well being
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 thoughts colored by biases by coskun alptekin on October 9, 2002
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