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ou sont les neiges de l'autre fois?

Posted By: Linda Polin on August 11, 2002
Riding in a car with Margaret is not the norm for student interaction in a "traditional setting," nor has it ever been. For the most part, the undergraduates in the campus coffee house or freeway carpool lane are not discussing Nietze. ...And the graduates, like many of the undergraduates, are commuters. They are older. They are working, full or part time. Check the NCES data on postsecondary demographics.

Online education CAN deliver an interactive experience for these students that is equivalent to or even better than the on-campus face-to-face experience available to them today. Students can have deep conversations during casual encounters in synchronous or asynchronous environments.

Can an online degree program create the equivalent of a freshman experience at a select, liberal arts college? Probably not. But I think that sort of experience is rare among graduate students enrolled today.

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 ou sont les neiges de l'autre fois? by Linda Polin on August 11, 2002
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