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Posted By: Kevin R Kosar on August 31, 2001
It is peculiar that those who have replied to my postings can't help but hurling personal insults. Why is that? Have I committeed some sort of heresy? Or are my detractors just rabid defenders of the familiar, much, ahem, like Platos' guardian dogs?

I note the following response, as it well shows the mindset of Saltman and those who are enamoured of his book:

"If schools act as sorting machines, it's because that's what the corporate and other
elite interests that pushed them into existence wanted them to do. Anytime the
general population has other ideas, like education for critical citizenry, the clamps
come down. Read Plato's Republic. All of that Gold-Silver-Bronze business? It's
always been the secret to running the republic from the elite perspective. And that's
precisely why Saltman's book IS important."

I see. The reason that there are public schools where most students don't read or write well is because THE MAN made them that way.
Sorry, but that's just zany and conspiratorial. Reality is more complex than that, and anyone who wasn't wholly in the grips of a pseudo-marxist ideology would recognize that Saltman way overplayed his cards.
Collateral Damage is a raging polemic. It is anti-intellectual and to puff it up as anything more is, well, silly.


Kevin R. Kosar
New York University
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 Sounds Like Old Saws... by Kevin R Kosar on July 31, 2001
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