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Early Literacy for Caribbean Preschoolers

Posted By: Beverlyn Cain on November 22, 2004
I understood your points of concern. It sounds as if the preschool teachers need professional development in that area. They could receive on going indepth professional development which would build an awareness base of how children learn, the young child's brain development and the relationship to emerging literacy. The training could include incorporate children's dialect as a bridge to learning standard English. Any developmentally appropriate early experience fosters reading.
I guess I am suggesting writing a grant for this venture. If you received grant monies, a small stipend could be paid to teachers who participated in the professional development and the carry through to the classrooms. Would this be a feasible idea? Beverlyn
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 Seeking to communicate with teacher-researchers with an interest in Early Literacy for young children with a Caribbean or similar background by Barbara Joseph on March 25, 2004
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