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teacher attitudes toward at-risk

Posted By: Deneese Jones on October 18, 2004
I am afraid that it is just not good enough for teachers to say that they "don't know what to do to help AS and so they do nothing". We would NEVER accept this kind of excuse from physicians. Teachers like physicians have the lives of others in their hands with serious consequences for incompetence. Information about the effective teaching of AS has been available since I graduated from my undergraduate institution in 1973! And, even before then, good teachers were flourishing. But, it is only now (because the numbers warrant it) that educators, politicians, ect. have begun to examine the issues closer. Excuses come a dime a dozen; but the results are the same. We have got to do better!
-Dr. "Dee"
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 teahers attitudes towards at-risk students (AS) by Amton Mwaraksurmes on August 1, 2002
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