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Teacher Performance Assessments

Posted By: Daniel Conley on September 2, 2004
Good Morning Ms. Colton,
I am coming into this dialogue late, so you may already have completed your initiative. If so I would be interested in your results.
I am adminstering an LEA Mentoring/Induction Program, in Maine,based largely upon a Title II A Teacher Quality Enhancement project with the goals of designing a results-based performance assessment. We worked with an West Ed, Learning Innovations out of Stoneham Mass, and an Ed consultant named Bill Thompson who has consulted on several state portfolio initiatives. If you would like to talk more my phone # is (207) 647-3048, ext. 531. I certainly could send you much of the data we collected over the 2 year pilot/design process.
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 Teacher performance assessments by amy COLTON on April 22, 2004
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