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Teacher Performance Assessments

Posted By: Marianne D'Emidio Caston on August 31, 2004
Another theoretical framework approved by a State Legislature is the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. These are six standards used to derive sets of reflective questions used by new teachers to organize their portfolios. At Antioch Universtity Southern California we have taken the State's six standards and added two others pertaining to Ecological Literacy and Social Justice. The eight Domains of Practice are used as reference points for evaluation purposes and for the candidates to organize their portfolios.

The work included in the portfolio is updated over the course of the first year of credential preparation four times. The resulting portfolio, while serving as a measure of the knowledge, skills and dispositions of the new teacher at the end of their preparation year, also serves as the beginning point of their teaching career and can be updated regularly during the first five years.

In California, the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment program (BTSA) also uses the six CA standards to frame the development of tasks required for the induction period of credentialling.

Marianne D'Emidio Caston
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 Teacher performance assessments by amy COLTON on April 22, 2004
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