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Prior knowledge base

Posted By: Christopher Mullin on August 12, 2004
I am unaware of any such survey. you might want to look at a Prof. Develop. plan instituted by a research organization or university. Often they do "baseline" assessments and follow-ups afterwards. However, I believe most of this data will be qualitative.

Professional development is a slippery slope in that the topics presented have to create teacher "buy-in." Ofe it is thought of as presenting a qick workshop on an issue and expect immediate implementation regardless of its relevance. In many states teachers have Professional development plans (the name varies) that outline specific areas for improvement. Should professional development be tied into these plans on a monthly basis there might be enhancement of practice and metagognitive undrstanding.

I hope this helps, let me know of any other questions.

Christopher M Mullin
Teacher College Columbia University
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 Teacher performance assessments by amy COLTON on April 22, 2004
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