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Designing a course

Posted By: Candee Basford on August 11, 2004
Dear Alexandra,

In a way, it sounds like your task will be to encourage or invite people to dream again of positive futures. The most powerful ideas I've come across are in the realm of person centered planning or futures planning originally developed for individuals with significant disabilities. Take a look at these approaches. Try an internet search for person centered planning approaches or Path. Look at the resources at Inclusion Press. I especially love a portion of a video titled "Shafik's Map' - In particular the 8 minutes conversation with Judith Snow that appears at the end of the video. Judith speaks about the power of dreaming especially when the dream is built on our gifts and talents or what we contribute to the world. Judith tells a powerful story about her dream to be a truck driver (a dream she had dismissed because she uses a wheelchair and only has movement in one hand). She descibes how she found 'seeds' within this dream that helped shape her present life as a public speaker and writer.

Also - I would highly recommend anything with Joan Erikson. She is a featured individual in the book "a Walk on the Beach" and there exists a wonderful video of her being interviewed at age 90. The title is "On Old Age." I turned 51 this year and although I'm not retired I found her incredibly inspiring. Setting small discussion groups to talk about her ideas would seem like a worthy thing to do.

Candee Basford
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 Designing a course on TL by Alexandra Espindola on April 8, 2004
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