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Brain- based

Posted By: Sheri Steinke on August 8, 2004
Hi Kathy,
My final project deals with pretty basic research. I am application-oriented, so I chose to see what it takes to design an online, Introduction to business course. I want to include the elements which are brain-based. My first idea was to find a textbook which has numerous critical thinking requirements. My first choice was McGraw-Hill publishing. I chose a book that has WebCT activties, already created, making it easier to incorporate these items into a brain-based style of teaching. The book also has numerous activites that generate "interaction" within the online environment. I guess my thoughts on brain-based research is that there has to be an application that I can see, understand and feel comfortable putting to use. I like to have a tool that I can use in a interview to show prospective employers an example of where I can take a product or training module. A big area for me is research into motivating online students. The biggest complaint about online education is the student feels they would not be able to do online education because they wouldn't feel motivated to attend. My thoughts are they can be motivated if 1.) a group is waiting for their input and 2.)the instructor keeps encouraging them and 3.)they feel an active interest.
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 Faculty Development & Brain-based Learning by Kathy Overstreet on April 22, 2004
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