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TL course content for seniors

Posted By: Thomas Roepke on August 2, 2004
Hi Alexandra,

Just a few quick ideas in response to your request. What comes to mind is work with the arts. My grandmother started oil painting at age 85 and found it to be a meaningful activity. I wonder if a course on storytelling might work. Learning to tell fairy/folk tales engages the imagination and can incorporate movement/gesture as well. The seniors could eventually present prepared stories to children. Intergenerational experiences seem to be transformative by nature. I think it would be fruitful as well to look into the Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) curriculum as a source ideas for learning experiences that would be trasformative for seniors. Waldorf takes a phenomenological(Goetheon)approach to science that evokes wonder and awe as well as understanding. Learning to see and experience the familiar in a new way...seems to contribute to transformative learning. I'd be interested in hearing about the progress of your work with a posting now and then, Thanks. -Tom

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