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TE vs ET

Posted By: willard Nott on August 1, 2004
A good suggestion. I agree. It would reduce the confusion.

If you would like good programs that bring computers to life, I would recommend you look at the EAST Project (www.eastproject.org.) and/or StRUT (http://www.svstrut.org/).

EAST helps install high end computers with GPS, GIS, visualization, CAD/CAM and other software. The "classes" do community based projects that they come up with. Some examples are:
In San Ynez, CA, (www.syvpirates.org/~east)the students learned the water supply for the local Spanish Mission was unknown. By modeling the old landscape, examining potential water sources and physically laying out the site with GPS they were able to uncover the aqueduct used by the mission (and written up in the Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly).

Another high school in Sacramento (http://eastlab.westcampushigh.com/) Used GPS and GIS to find arsonists patterns for the fire department.

The teacher becomes a facilitator trained by EAST to help keep the students on track, etc. It is a great way to learn about all sorts of subjects, including IT.

StRUT takes donated computers. Students learn to fix them as part of a class and the repaired computers are then made available to schools. A win-win situation.

-Willard Nott
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