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TE vs ET

Posted By: Stephanie Baier on August 1, 2004
I teach the following classes.

Programming with VB
Programming with Java
Digital Imaging (Photoshop and Illustrator)
Desktop Publishing & Web Design
MS Office Suite

I will not have to worry about how to integrate technology into my classes; that is a given. My issue is how to conduct these classes to be more than just mindless skill acquisition.

Sometimes I call myself a technology (information technology) teacher, and sometimes a computer teacher. I worked as an Information Technology Manager for 6 six and as a programmer and network administrator for 4 years. IT is part of the larger technology field, but it is in itself a substantial entity.

I think it would serve the educational community better if we referred to computer related technology as Information Technology, and leave the term 'technology' to its broader definition.

-Stephanie Baier
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 technology education vs educational technology by DR.Wes Perusek on July 16, 2003
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