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Brain based learning

Posted By: Sheri Steinke on July 30, 2004
Thanks Kathy! (Larry, I totally forgot to share these with you in the discussion.) There are two of us Capella brain-based learners in this discussion group now.

We are basically looking for sources, such as books, websites, etc. If you remember anything really useful, we would love to use this forum to discuss it! Hint, hint..assignments.
I have been searching dissertations and found the following to check out:
Materna, Laurie(2000) Impact of concept-mapping upon meaningful lerning and metacognition among foundation level associate degree nursing students.
Wortok, Jean 2002)Brain-based principles applied to the teaching of basic cardiac code to associate degree nursing students using the human patient simulator
Franzen, rochelle(1999) Self-perception of multiple intelligences among students from a middle school in the midwest
Williams, Marian (1998)The effects of a brain-based learning strategy, mind mapping on achievement of adults in a training environment with consideration to learning styles and brain hemisphericity.
Getz, Christine (2003) Application of brain-based learning theory for community college developmental english students: A case study
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 Faculty Development & Brain-based Learning by Kathy Overstreet on April 22, 2004
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