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TL for seniors

Posted By: Rosalie Romano on July 29, 2004
What a fine idea you are wrestling with! There seems so many rich possibilites for you, and I am sure you will gather ideas as people respond.

May I give you my suggestions? For one, I think any learning experience requires richness and relevance if it is to be meaningful for people. What this means is that I look around for a local issue, preferably one that ties to social justice, in the community.

It could be the contestation of land use: a new park or a high rise; conservation and pollution of water; literacy and activism with young people; local history/interviews. You get the idea.

To organize your course, I suggest either you study the framework of Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound (www.elob.org). There is a template on their website, or just read expeditions by teachers and you will see the organization. Explore the website and you might discover what sparks your imagination for this class.

You might also visit teachingforchange.org and find ideas there. My point is that regardless of age, the aim of any class should be intellectual and social engagement, which requires looking at issues and self-interest.

Hope this helps. Best to you, Rosalie Romano
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