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TE vs ET

Posted By: willard Nott on July 26, 2004
I think DR. Perusek's original message was not understood. "Technology", in reality refers to all of technological development from the wheel to satellites.

Our K-12 educational system is sadly lacking in addressing knowledge related to our technological world. Computers are only one small(albeit, important) part of technology. Unfortunately, educators and administrators have co-opted the term to refer only to computers. Some people even think such skills, as word processing is technology. That's like saying driving is the same thing as automobile design.

Science curriculum address how the physical world works, but does little addressing how our technology (in the broader sense) works. Take away our energy conversion methods, appliances, modern transportation, etc. and we would have world we would not recognize. Much of that has been developed using the engineering design process which is significally different than the scientific process. It is a way of thinking that needs to be taught.

As DR. Perusek recommended, I highly recommend reading National Academy of Engineering's "Technically Speaking-Why All Americans Need To Know More About Technology" (http://www.nae.edu/nae/techlithome.nsf)

Willard Nott
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