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Posted By: Ruth Gasson on July 18, 2004
Greetings Andrew
Thank you. You have certainly provided me with food for thought. I have been making a point of answering every student comment/response, the day it is put up, even if just to say that I find a particular point interesting and I wonder what others think. Once or twice I have thought that I should ease out more, (and I will try this, but wonder if I should warn the students first). When I enter the discussion I position myself as another learner, rather than an expert. In this way I aim to foster more discussion rather than give an answer.
The on-line group is a small one of seven students, and the tutorials run over three weeks. This means if I do not respond the students may not hear from someone for a day or two and they do seem to thrive on more or less instant feedback. Anyway, thanks heaps for your feedback.
You also said you were compiling a literature review around online learning and that you would be happy to share this. I would love to see it.
Ruth Gasson
Senior Lecturer
Dunedin College of Education
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 Effective discussion boards in online education by Janet Smith on June 24, 2003
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