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Perkins Bill - improvements for funding Vocational + Technology

Posted By: Catherine Raveia on June 18, 2004
This past Wednesday I attended a congressional hearing on the reinstatement of the Perkins bill that can be very generous in the part concerning funds set aside for education of much needed teachers of technology and vocational education. However, they are presenting both programs as a package deal along with math and science as cross curriculum course collaboration programs. It is the largest funding of both technology and vocational programs. It even allows funding for building of Vocational High Schools with lots of high Technological equipment, wiring, and provided special Vocational High Schools. Congresswoman Woolsey requested that more courses be provided for women. Since they make up over 50% of the work force and many have a family to support as well. I think she meant if they wanted her vote. However, she is right about our girls, who need to get good training as well. Greatest concern is that funds will not be used as earmarked and fall into some general ed buget line. It is a concern well taken. In a High School the Principals are very powerful. It can be very tempting to use this money for a long time pet project. Buying technology is very different from training personel properly to teach it. As well as to be able to implement curriculum to support the lastest technological education, address professional needs, and both vocational and technology projects.(It is worth checking into)Transitional is a new thing with NCLB act.
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 Perkins Bill - improvements for funding Vocational + Technology by Catherine Raveia on June 18, 2004
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