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teacher portfolio assessments

Posted By: Jeremy Ayers on June 9, 2004

As far as I know, the field agrees that Connecticut has one of, if not the best performance-based licensing (PBL) system that includes teacher portfolio assessments. Our organization has put together a report on new teacher induction, in which we feature Connecticut as a case study. Central to that case study is the new teacher portfolio. You will find Katie Fisk Natale, at the Bureau of Educator Assessment, in the CT Dept. of Ed. a great contact -- very knowledgeable from many angles. Katie has been there for over 12 years, and she has lots of data, and I know they have several studies on their program.

I also hear that North Carolina has a solid PBL system, but I am not familiar with their program.

Hope this is helpful.

If your project is a large one, I would enjoy hearing more about it and how the process goes. The Alliance is interested in understanding and tracking developments in states around new teachers and performance assessments.

Jeremy Ayers
Alliance for Excellent Education
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