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Self Empowerment

Posted By: Richard Noone on June 2, 2004
Your post is very insightful and covers a wide range of topics and ideas. There is truly much that I could respond to and that I feel is import to consider. One thing, however, jumps out at me more than any other and it is the way you described the procariousness of holding on to a job within the system as it now exists and how acting according to your true principles will endanger your job.

My response to this is that although it sounds very practical and world wise to be aware of such circumstances, the fact is that you only live once. Life is precious and so is what you really believe. I suggest that anyone who goes with what they feel to be true regardless of what others, including their boss and a biased system, think will create a life whose richness and experiences will far surpass anything that holding on to a job fearfully will ever be able to offer.
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 The Primacy Paradox by Jeff McCullers on April 26, 2002
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